What Are Your Options After Your Lease Ends?

What Are Your Options After Your Lease Ends

What are Your Options After Your Lease Ends?

Is Your Lease Ending Soon? Let’s Talk About What to Do Next!

Leasing a car is an exciting way to drive a new vehicle while enjoying a low, affordable monthly payment. However, not every driver understands their end of lease options when their lease term is over. At Nissan of Clearwater, we’re here to help you discover your lease end options so you can make the best decision!

Let’s dive in and discover your end of lease options and find out why driver’s trust our Nissan dealership for all of their automotive needs.

Discover Your End of Lease Your Options

When you lease a new car, you typically drive it for two to three years before your lease term is up. Toward the end of your lease term, you have three main options:

Lease a New Vehicle

Because leasing a vehicle is like a long term rental, you never technically own your vehicle. One of your end of lease options is to lease another vehicle! Many drivers lease a new vehicle every two or three years because it allows them to drive a new car with the latest technology.

If your current lease is up, you can return the car to the dealership and lease your new vehicle on the same day! Leasing is a very convenient and low cost way to drive a new car!

Returning your old lease and hopping into something new also comes with its perks! Oftentimes, you can earn disposition fee credit or even excessive wear and tear fee credit if you start a new lease when your current lease is up.

Buy Your lease

Another one of your end of car lease options is to buy the car you’re leasing! If you absolutely love the car that you leased, you’re free to purchase the vehicle when your lease is up.

When you first initiated your lease and agreed to the lease term and mileage limits, your buyout price was specified in your lease contract. This is the estimated value of your vehicle, and the price that you’ll pay if you choose to buy it.

When you buy your vehicle, your contract with the leasing company is over, and you’ll either obtain an auto loan for your purchase or you’ll pay cash.

Return Your Car

If you’re not ready to lease a new vehicle, and you simply want to return your current vehicle, you can do that as well! Simply schedule your end of lease inspection to verify your vehicle’s condition and mileage, pay any excess mileage charges or wear and tear fees, and you’re done!

Find Your Best Nissan End of Lease Option at Nissan of Clearwater

Whether you’re jumping into a new lease or you’re buying your current one, we at Nissan of Clearwater are here to bring you astounding options.

Striving to provide you with the best Nissan end of lease experience, we feature outstanding options and new lease specials, so you can take advantage of spectacular savings!

Proudly serving the surrounding areas like Pinellas Park, and Largo, we’re your local source for all things Nissan.

Make your way down to our dealership today and take advantage of our generous end of lease options!