When you buy a new, used or Certified Pre-Owned Nissan at our Nissan dealer near Palm Harbor, FL, you can elect to have a portion of the sales tax go toward the Hope Scholarship Fund. The Hope Scholarship Fund makes it possible for children who have been bullied in any form to apply for a grant of up to $7,100 to attend a private, chartered school. You can designate up to $105 of the sales tax due toward the Hope Scholarship Program when you buy a new or pre-owned Nissan. This option is only available on the purchase price of a new or used Nissan and is excluded if you're leasing, making an auxiliary purchase or buying a heavy truck, trailer, truck tractor or motorcycle.

Whether you buy a new Nissan Rogue or used Nissan Altima, you'll be presented with a Florida DOR contribution election form at the time of purchase. Here, you can select if you'd like to put a portion of the sales tax on the vehicle toward the Hope Scholarship Fund. By contributing to the Fund, you can help young children and teenagers who have experienced bullying get the funds they need to enter a more positive learning and social environment. If you have any questions about the Hope Scholarship Fund or want to learn more about how you can contribute, don't hesitate to contact Fuccillo Nissan of Clearwater.


Fuccillo Nissan of Clearwater is here to satisfy all of your automotive sales, service and financing needs. Our extensive selection makes it easy to find something that's just right for you, whether you're looking to buy a new Nissan Pathfinder or Murano. Visit our Florida Nissan dealer today and make a HUGE difference by contributing to the Hope Scholarship Fund!

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