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Your battery is responsible for powering all of the electronic components in your vehicle. This power isn’t just limited to accessories and features like headlights and your power windows, but your battery also supplies power to your fuel pump. Without a functional battery, your car won’t even be able to start on its own. As your car battery ages, it loses its ability to hold a charge and progressively gets weaker until it dies. Once your battery is dead, you’ll either need a replacement, or a jump start to restart your engine.

Battery services like checks and replacements not only help you stay on top of your vehicle’s battery health, but also prevents you from being stranded because of a dead battery.

Come with us as we discuss the importance of timely battery replacement and explore why there’s no better place for Nissan battery replacement services than Nissan of Clearwater.

How Does the Battery System Work?

Car batteries work by storing power so your vehicle’s electronics can function. However, because nearly all the components of a modern vehicle are electronic, your battery can drain quickly if it’s not recharged. Once your battery powers the starter to run your engine, your engine turns an alternator, which sends power back to the battery, keeping it charged so your vehicle can start again.

Over time, your battery loses its ability to hold a charge, and will eventually need replacement. On average, you’ll need car battery replacement every four to five years, but will want regular battery checks to check your battery’s health.

What are the Signs of a Failing Battery?

When temperatures plummet, it can take up to 60% more power to start a cold engine, making it all the more important to have a strong car battery when you need it most. Recognizing the signs of a failing car battery is also important to prevent you from being stuck at the worst possible time.

Here are some telltale signs that your battery may need to be replaced soon:

Dim Headlights – dim headlights could be a sign that your vehicle’s electronics are not getting enough power. You may even notice that your headlights get brighter when you step on the accelerator. The culprit is likely a low battery, unable to hold much of a charge.

Slow Starting – Slow starts are a sign that your vehicle’s starter isn’t operating at full power, and will soon fail to start your vehicle if not addressed promptly.

Slow Clock – If your vehicle’s clock seems to always be behind on time, it may be your vehicle’s way of conserving power. When a low battery is detected, some vehicles’ internal computers will shut off non-essential accessories while the vehicle is turned off so that it can have enough power to start again.

Clicking – If you attempt to start your vehicle and you hear nothing but clicking noises, your battery is most likely too weak to turn over your engine and you need a jump start.

Where Do I Go For Battery Service?

An independent dealership may replace your factory car battery with a cheap aftermarket knockoff, potentially providing you with inferior electoral performance and battery life.

At Nissan of Clearwater, we feature an incredible service center that provides certified service to all Nissan vehicles, the right way. In addition to each of our technicians holding an ASE certification, our techs use only Nissan replacement parts to ensure that your vehicle continues to operate with the same performance and reliability that you’d expect from Nissan.

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