Nissan Maintenance Schedule

What is the Nissan Maintenance Schedule?

Getting Nissan Maintenance Service in Clearwater, Florida

Nissan Service for Your Vehicle

When you follow the manufacturer’s recommended Nissan maintenance schedule, you keep your vehicle running the way it was meant to. Whether it’s by getting a regular engine oil change or changing the brake pads, you prevent more costly issues from occurring down the road. It’s time to visit our Nissan dealership to get started with the preventative maintenance tasks that matter. Schedule your regular maintenance service today at Nissan of Clearwater in Florida today.

Benefits of Getting Nissan Maintenance Service

The most important benefit of following the Nissan maintenance schedule is that you ensure reliability of the vehicle. Whether you drive a truck, car or SUV, regular maintenance is needed to keep your Nissan vehicle running its best across the long haul. Take the simple oil change, as an example. When the contaminated oil and oil filter are replaced, you know the engine is going to run its best.

Aside from ensuring your vehicles run as intended, the regular maintenance also helps you prevent more costly problems. Take that same engine oil change. If you don’t change the oil, the engine is going to suffer, and you will eventually need full scale repairs that could cost a lot more. Our preventative maintenance services also help you retain the value of your vehicle. It’s important that you keep your small or large vehicle in good condition to get as much money as possible for it. Finally, the regular vehicle service keeps everything running efficiently.

How Often is Nissan Maintenance Required?

What is the recommended schedule for maintenance in Clearwater, FL? It depends what type of vehicle you drive and the services that are needed. If you drive a car, the Nissan regular service isn’t regular for the comprehensive truck fleet maintenance in Clearwater. Whichever need you have, it’s important to visit when recommended to prevent further issues.

Let’s take a look at the typical Nissan maintenance schedule for the majority of new cars.

  • 7,500 miles: oil and filter change
  • 15,000 miles: oil and filter change, engine and cabin air filter change
  • 30,000 miles: new fuel filter, coolant flush, complimentary brake system inspection
  • 60,000 miles: steering fluid flush, battery check, spark plug inspection, complimentary belt, hose and valve inspection
  • 90,000 miles: spark plug replacement, complimentary systems check

There are also smaller visits between these major milestones that were listed. To get your complete Nissan maintenance schedule, visit our premier dealership for assistance.

Signs Your Nissan Needs Maintenance

The biggest sign that you need to schedule maintenance service in Florida is when a warning light comes on the dashboard. You should aim to get service before it gets to this point, but the warning light will tell you when it’s no longer good to wait. If the oil light or Service Engine Soon light comes on, you are out of time and must schedule your appointment immediately. However, there are other signs you should be looking for.

When the oil gets dirty and becomes dark, it’s time to have it changed. You don’t want to run dirty oil through the engine because it is contaminated. This dirty oil will cause excess wear to the motor, leading to premature damage. You might also see unusual smoke coming from the exhaust when the systems aren’t running as they should. Furthermore, any strange noises should be checked out immediately. By following the Nissan maintenance schedule, you can prevent these major issues from occurring in the first place.

We Offer it All

You can bring your vehicle to us to follow any Nissan maintenance schedule. Our factory-certified technicians understand precisely what your vehicle requires. While we offer a multitude of maintenance services, we specialize in comprehensive truck care through our dedicated fleet services. Whether you have chosen a new Nissan vehicle or you are driving a pre-owned model from our dealership, we stand with you for as long as you own it. Our team is by your side from the moment you buy your vehicle until the time you decide to get something new. Our maintenance services help you keep the vehicle running longer and better.

The team at Nissan of Clearwater is on your side. Whether you are looking to schedule a simple oil change or you need extensive engine repair, our technicians are equipped. Schedule your next maintenance service in Florida today.

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