Nissan Test Drive Tips

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How to Conduct a Nissan Test Drive like a Pro

Are You Planning a Nissan Test Drive?

Nissan of Clearwater gives the Clearwater, Florida area access to a premier lineup of New, Used, and Certified Pre-Owned Nissans that you can shop for online or in person. With New and Used Nissan offers, a used inventory under $12k, and monthly specials, Nissan of Clearwater is the obvious choice for finding your next car.

Test drives are an excellent opportunity to get to know the Nissan you’re considering buying or leasing. Walk into a scheduled test drive with a mental or written checklist, and you’re on the path to making an informed vehicle selection.

Discover what to look for during a Nissan test drive below.

Pre-Test Drive Objectives

Begin your Nissan of Clearwater test drive process by researching and scheduling test drive appointments for cars that fit your driving preferences and budget.

Once you arrive at our dealership—take note of any dents, cracks, nicks, or rust when reviewing a vehicle’s body, windows, and windshield. Minor damage is a red flag for new cars but not as big of a deal for pre-owned models since it won’t significantly impact a future resale.

The car’s tires should have a healthy amount of tread that’s wearing at an even rate. Final exterior checks can include opening and closing the vehicle’s doors, trunk, and hood before testing turn signals and brake lights.

Start the Nissan and let the car’s engine run idle for a few moments so you can access the engine’s sound. While the engine is warming up, test the model’s electronics, heat, lighting, A/C, and heating system. Part of testing a car’s electronics is verifying that all the dashboard indicators work along with the gauges.

This may seem odd, but it’s a good idea to sit in every seat within a Nissan you’re test driving so you can get a better sense of the car’s overall feel.

The engine is now warmed up, and you’re ready to roll. Let’s examine what you should keep in mind during the actual driving portion of your Nissan test drive.

What to Look for When Test Driving a Nissan

It’s best to test drive a Nissan in varied driving settings so you can see how versatile the vehicle’s performance is.

Stop-and-go traffic gives you an excellent opportunity to evaluate the feel of a Nissan’s brakes and listen for any noises that point toward worn brake pads and rotors. Hop on a highway, and you can see how fast the car accelerates, feel how smoothly the car changes gears, check the vehicle’s steering for pulling, and practice lane changes. Consider driving up and down an incline as a final upshifting and downshifting test.

Parking is an area that a certain percentage of drivers overlook during a test drive. You’ll want to practice parallel parking, parking in a standard parking space, executing resistance-free 90-degree turns, and moving from drive to reverse.

Follow these steps, and you’ll come off like a test drive professional.

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