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The Future of Auto Tech: Advantages of NissanConnect

NissanConnect: Extend Your Connections Beyond Your Car

When you cruise with the NissanConnect® app you’re always one tap or voice command away from pure convenience, with remote features like unlocking your car, sending directions, and more to help kick off your morning right. But even beyond simplicity, this service can potentially save your life with so many safety systems thrown in. Explore the NissanConnect advantages and how they’ll change how you drive by visiting us today at Nissan of Clearwater.

Kicking off Your Drive Right…Even Before It Begins

Before you even set foot in your car, one of the biggest NissanConnect advantages is all the remote commands you have access to—just by picking up your smartphone. Need to start your Nissan Rogue to heat up your ride before you commute to the office? Or maybe your fob is buried deep in your pocket and you want to unlock your doors with keyless access—either way, this mobile app lets you virtually do it all with pure convenience.

Don’t feel like tapping? That’s fine—as your NissanConnect app can also connect with your Amazon Alexa-enabled device or Google Assistant. So, just let your device know what you want to do, whether it’s starting your car, powering on your lights, unlocking your door, or plenty more.

Peace of Mind Joins the Ride—And Is Potentially Lifesaving

Your NissanConnect services are even there for you when the unfortunate and unexpected happens—like an accident. With the Automatic Collision Notification, the system connects you to a live Response Specialist hands-free, who can connect you with emergency services or walk you through what to do next while also bringing you the comfort of speaking with a genuine human. Even if you’re stranded with a flat tire, the NissanConnect app can send your location so that you can receive the direct help you need.

Even when you need help outside of an accident, you can always press the SOS button in your Nissan vehicle to speak with a Response Specialist any time of day (even at 2 am) and through the week to help ensure you receive the emergency help you need, whether it’s a medical emergency or a sketchy situation.

Discover NissanConnect Advantages in Clearwater

We’re only getting started with the advantages of driving with NissanConnect, as you’ll also cruise with plenty more, ranging from a stolen vehicle locator to Navigation features. See what these systems can do for you by visiting us at Nissan of Clearwater and test driving any new Nissan model in our showroom. While you’re here, we’ll also assist you in any way possible, whether it’s exploring how to connect to NissanConnect or walking you through any features that demand your attention—it’s only the start of how you come first when you work with us as your Nissan dealership.