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Whether you commute to work daily or only drive on occasion, it's important to ensure that your vehicle's interior is protected against bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Your vehicle can be home to more germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi – otherwise known as microbes – than you might imagine. Fortunately, you can fight against microbial activity by treating your vehicle with a PermaSafe Protective Coating at our Nissan dealership in Clearwater, Florida. In fact, we're offering Complimentary Vehicle Disinfection and Long-Term Antimicrobial Treatment included with the purchase or lease of any new or pre-owned vehicle in stock! 1Seeking disinfection for your current ride? You can purchase PermaSafe Protective Coating at the Fuccillo Nissan of Clearwater service center as well! Please see us for full information and pricing.

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How Does PermaSafe Work?

PermaSafe is an advanced Vehicle Disinfection and Long-Term Microbial Control System and Surface Protectant that's specifically manufactured to help keep your vehicle clean and sanitary. PermaSafe works on all interior surfaces, starting with an initial disinfection of your vehicle's passenger and cargo areas, air ventilation system and duct work. This vehicle disinfectant eliminates over 99.9% of microbes, including various bacteria, germs, viruses, mildew, mold and fungi. After the initial disinfection, each surface is coated with PermaSafe SHIELD – a Permanent Antimicrobial Surface Protectant that continuously controls and eliminates microbes without the use of harmful chemicals. Moreover, PermaSafe is nontoxic, child safe, pet safe and hypo allergenic.

What Does PermaSafe Include?

When your vehicle receives PermaSafe installation, you'll benefit from guaranteed protection and up to seven years of warranty coverage for the following:2

  • Vehicle Disinfection & Antimicrobial Protection
  • Interior Rip, Tear & Puncture Coverage
  • Upholstery & Carpet Stain Protection
  • HVAC Air Quality & Odor Protection

Contact Fuccillo Nissan of Clearwater to learn more about how you can take advantage of PermaSafe disinfection and protection and our nearby auto service center. Our Nissan service technicians will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

1Complimentary Vehicle Disinfection and Long-Term Antimicrobial Treatment included with the purchase or lease of any new or pre-owned vehicle in stock!
Fuccillo Nissan of Clearwater will include a complimentary PermaSafe System installation with the purchase or lease of any new or pre-owned vehicle in stock. PermaSafe advises that the PermaSafe System is eco-friendly, registered by the EPA and that it not only kills 99.999% of bacteria and virus, but also provides continuous antimicrobial protection*. Learn more at .*The Fuccillo Automotive Group of dealerships and Fuccillo Nissan of Clearwater disclaims any knowledge that the PermaSafe System kills 99.999% of bacteria and virus or that it provides continuous antimicrobial protection. PermaSafe disclaims that the PermaSafe system will disinfect vehicles of all germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold or any other microorganism or that it will protect any person from contracting any disease or other microorganism induced malady. See for more information..

2See Product Warranty for complete information as terms, conditions and benefits may vary.

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