Perks of Buying Used

Perks of Buying Used

Car Shopping 101: What Are the Perks of Used Vehicles?

Time to Buy a Car…Is Used the Way to Go?

When you’re car shopping, one question always pops up early: Should you buy a used vehicle vs. new? After all, can you really go wrong with those prices? Plus, with such a massive inventory to choose from, you’re almost guaranteed to find the ride of your dreams. Stick with us today as we dive deeper into the advantages of buying a used vehicle—also, stop by Nissan of Clearwater near Tampa, FL, to test drive our pre-owned Nissan vehicles.

All About Value (in More Ways Than One)

When you shop for a used vehicle, you’ll almost immediately notice the lower prices—and on some models, you could pay up to 50% less for a quality cruiser when compared to a new car. Just imagine what you could do with those savings—that’s usually more than enough to get a paint job, add a roof rack, install a few OEM accessories to boost your performance, or even schedule a vacation—the possibilities are near endless.

Also, keep in mind the bulk of your vehicle’s depreciation has already occurred. So, you won’t need to worry about the instant depreciation when you drive off the lot. Plus, do you plan to sell your vehicle? Since your car won’t lose as much of its value over the course of your ownership, you’ll usually notice far lower net losses when compared to a new vehicle.

Note that depreciation also matters for insurance purposes since the company only pays out what your ride is worth at the time of the accident. So, if you bought a vehicle that’s three years old, you’ll typically receive close to the price you paid for the cruiser in contrast to new cars that can depreciate thousands of dollars in the first few weeks of ownership.

Get Many New Car-Like Perks: Shop Certified Pre-Owned

Looking to buy a used vehicle loaded with quality? Opt for a Nissan Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) model, where each car must have driven fewer than 80,000 miles and pass an intensive 167-point inspection that looks at everything from the paint and upholstery to the powertrain to help make sure the model drives like new. Plus, you’ll get perks like a limited powertrain warranty and Roadside Assistance to help add peace of mind to your rides—even when you run out of gas at 1 am.

Also, with the CPO program, you can drive home in many of your favorite Nissan vehicles from recent model years, including a track-bound GT-R to unleash peak exhilaration to the Kicks to help you dominate the urban roads. Not sure which car, truck, or SUV to choose? Let a team member know, and we’ll help you find the perfect match for your cruising style and budget.

Your Next Used Vehicle Awaits: Start in Clearwater, FL

Wondering where to buy used Nissan vehicles in Clearwater, FL? Head to Nissan of Clearwater near Seminole, FL, and test drive your favorite used vehicles to help find the perfect match. While you’re here, we’ll assist in any way possible from answering questions to helping walk you through the features—it’s only the start of how we apply world-class customer service for you.