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Get Your Dashlight Checked Free | Nissan of Clearwater

warning lights

Warning Lights Explained

When it comes to vehicles clocking in high mileage, the inevitable dashboard lights make their appearance. Nissan owners, if fortunate, might enjoy an extended period without the unwelcome glow of warning lights. However, when the time eventually arrives, it's essential to decipher the meanings behind these illuminated symbols.


Get Your Dash Light Checked for Free at Nissan of Clearwater


Five Common Dashlights and What they Need

Battery Light:

If the battery light flickers, it might indicate a faulty battery or alternator. Regardless, the consequences could lead to a loss of power, potentially leaving you stranded on the road.

Traction Control Light:

When the traction control light briefly illuminates on slippery roads, it's usually expected. However, if the light persists, it suggests that your vehicle may not be safe to drive, requiring attention.

Emissions Light:

While the emissions light might not necessarily be alarming on its own, if accompanied by the check engine light, immediate vehicle repair is advisable to address any underlying issues.

Engine Oil Level Light:

A lit engine oil level light may signal a simple sensor issue or the need for an oil change. However, it could also indicate low oil pressure, posing a risk of sudden engine failure, necessitating prompt attention.

Airbag and Seat Belt System Light:

If the airbag and seat belt system light is triggered, it could be as minor as a seatbelt sensor. Yet, if it pertains to your airbags, there's a risk they may not deploy in the event of a vehicle impact, warranting a thorough inspection.

One may question the significance of different colors in warning signal lights. Each hue serves a specific purpose. Common features like turn signals, cruise control, and headlights are denoted by blue, white, or green lights, depending on the model year. These colors simply indicate that a standard feature is active.

On the other hand, yellow-colored lights typically signal a malfunction within the vehicle. The activation of these lights doesn't necessarily imply immediate danger, but rather serves as an alert that a certain component, like low tire pressure, requires attention.

Certain lights demand prompt consideration. The ABS (anti-lock braking system) warning light is one such indicator that should be addressed immediately. Other critical lights include the brake warning light and the charge light, both pertaining to vital components – brakes and the battery – that demand regular maintenance.

In vehicles with high mileage, the malfunction indicator light may illuminate, signaling potential issues with the engine. Addressing these higher-level concern lights promptly is crucial to preventing recurring problems.

To understand the meaning of any dashboard lights, consult your vehicle's manual provided by Nissan. If uncertainty persists, visiting the Cathedral City Nissan dealer allows a staff member to assess and address any concerns.

For those considering trading in their old vehicles for a new Nissan model, the nearby Nissan dealer offers an extensive selection of new and pre-owned models. Additionally, scheduling a service appointment is advisable for those troubled by the lights on their dashboard, ensuring a thorough check-up by professionals.